Warehouse Line Of Credit Vs Repurchase Agreement


Loan storage lines play an important role in securing the mortgage market for real estate buyers, as many mortgage bankers would not be able to attract enough deposits to finance mortgages themselves. As a result, inventory financing allows lenders to provide mortgages at more competitive rates. [2] Unlike other types of credit, lenders derive more profit from the original fees than the dispersion of interest rates, because closed mortgages are quickly sold to an investor. Storage credits can simply be seen as a way for a bank or similar institution to make funds available to a borrower without using their capital. A small or medium-sized bank might prefer to use storage credits and earn money with dementia fees and the sale of the loan, rather than earn interest and fees on a 30-year mortgage. In essence, shelters allow a repo-taker facing a bankrupt seller to exercise a certain number of rights and protect funds already received in a way that is not available for an unsecured agreement. For example, a pension buyer who bankrupts a seller is defined in paragraphs 555 of the Bankruptcy Act (for securities contracts) and section 559 of the Bankruptcy Act (for pensions): pension investments are generally either a “buy-back contract” or an “investment contract” (in the sense of Title 11 of the U.S. Code (amended). A “buy-back contract” requires that the underlying asset be repurchased by the seller within one year of the purchaser`s purchase of the asset and that only certain types of assets can be sold. On the other hand, an asset financed by assets financed by an “investment contract” must not be redeemed within one year, but a buyer who is a party to a “securities contract” must meet certain criteria set out in the Bankruptcy Act. The Bankruptcy Act lists several categories of assets that can be safely treated at ports, including mortgages, mortgages, securities, certificates of deposit, a group or index of securities or mortgages and mortgage interest.

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